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Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Center for Spiritual Living - La Crescenta, where it is our dream to help you build and manifest your dreams! How blessed we are that you have chosen to visit us today. By doing so, you are Celebrating Life! We are a teaching and healing ministry which, in addition to our Sunday Service and Childrenís Center, is supported by our Prayer Ministry, Accredited and Non-Accredited Science of Mind Classes, a weekly Course in Miracles Class, Animal Kinship Ministry and numerous social activities.

Our Prayer Ministry and Pastoral Care is conducted by Practitioners Laney Clevenger, Gary Bates, Anthony Kelson, Mary Lowe, Jack McCord, Karen Partain Robison, Sandra Shields, Kim Winders, and, our senior minister, Rev. Beverly Craig. Kim Winders and Anthony Kelson are remote Practitioners who reside in Montana, Kim in Lakeside and Anthony in Great Falls. Karen Partain Robison is also a remote Practitioner who resides in Dallas, Texas. Animal advocates, Carolyn Young and Kailey Martinez-Ramage serve as our Animal Ministry Kinship team. You are invited to request Healing Prayer which is available through our website ( or make an appointment with a private Practitioner or a Counseling session with our minister.

Weíre blessed to have a music ministry which includes Cecilia Celis, pianist extraordinaire and weekly soloists who bless us with inspiringly sacred music.

We often host well-known guest speakers, and in the last several years have hosted seminars facilitated by Terry Cole Whittaker, Edwene Gaines and John Randolph Price.

We trust that your visit here will bring you peace, love and strength that will turn each day into a victory of life and that youíll visit us often. Our Center and spiritual community has been established to provide a place where questing people may gather to pursue freely the search for spiritual Truth. It is our conviction that a personís capacity to grow and unfold in spiritual consciousness is unlimited. We aspire to provide an atmosphere to stimulate that growth.

Peace & Blessings,

Rev. Beverly G. Craig
Senior Minister


Celebration Services


Our Sunday morning celebration service starts at 10 a.m. after a 15 min metaphysical lesson at 9:30 a.m. in the sanctuary.


Affirmation of the month
I consciously observe and appreciate the beauty of nature. As I focus on Spring's array of colors, I celebrate my awesome connection to the Power of Creation. And, so it is!

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